Sep 10, 2009

Bartronics : Update

At the current levels book profits in bartronics to re-enter at lower levels.
with thanks
be and make



sir..i had invested in this script since it was one of ur picks..i entered at 106 levels...and sold it at 172 however i have rentered at 167 to see it break out to u see this crossing 200 in the near term ?

kalyan (Be and Make) said...

Dear WB – When I gave the buy call bartronics trading below the 100/- today it is trading around the 180/-. There is some news that government issuing the Unique ID number instead of the card which is negative news for the bartronics. If this news is right then for the short term bartronics will correct as it is priced-in the unique id card news. But the long term story of the bartronics is still intact but the valuations are the concern at this point of time. One can re-enter at the lower levels exiting at the current levels.

With thanks
Be and make

Debashish said...

hey kalyan , noce blog . At what level one should enter Bartronics for long term