Nov 3, 2010

Promoter stake going beyond 40% in Southern Ispat? Be and Make

Yes, it is true. Very soon, as the all amalgamations, expansions, merging completed, Southern Ispat's  promoter’s stake going beyond 40%.

Southern Ispat's  promoter’s are spending Rs.35cr to complete the acquisitions.

The Southern Ispat is having a share capital of 43749100 shares out of that

1,843,337 are held by the promoters resulting 4.21%
1,705,036 are held by the FIIs resulting 3.9%
14,732,363 are held by the public resulting 33%
27,173,400 are held in the form of GDR resulting 62.1%

Now, promoters are investing their own money of Rs.35cr where the whole equity is at 45cr. So, you can get the all clarifications here the promoter are going to hike their stake in a massive manner.

A proven track record from USD 4 Million to USD 75 Million in just 11 months by this fund now entered the southern ispat in a big way. They are going to increase their stake further in this stock and the volumes going to increase further and further.

FIIs are seriously looking in this stock, and ready to zoom in the upcoming days. In this phase, they just enter the stock once their acquisition completes then the real drama begins the stock will zoom….
Go for it, when it is young.

With thanks
Be and make


Anonymous said...

AMD Industries


Be and Make said...

Dear - Yes, it is a undervalued stock. It is in my radar, right now i am not going with it.

Thanks for the information, please keep the good work going on.

with thanks
be and make

antr77 said...

Dear Be and Make
I want to invest 1 lakh in southern ispat coming January 2011,what would be the returns by 10 years i.e at 2021

Joseph said...


Dear antr77, what we are doing here is not speculation, instead what we want to do is Value investing.

So at this stage you can invest in this stock, lets keep watching the stock continously and to me we should sell it when it reaches its intrinsic value. its my personal opinion.

Joseph Joy

Joseph said...


Also the first comment is made by me, please inforn me when u fell like investing in AMD industries.

are u waiting for it to reach the 2/3 of book value.

Joseph Joy

ninad said...

Hello Joseph
What is ur intrinsic valuatn for southern ispat?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ninad,

To me after the diversifications the intrinsic value per share shall be 40rs.

Howerver the right person to comment will be Be and Make