Mar 22, 2012

Needed your support as always! Be and Make

Dear all,
Hope all of you well!
Due to some personal health problems, bleak market conditions and job stress created this much gap between us. It remembers me the year 2008, where I have waited for more than eight months for selecting a stock. Now, too it too such a long time. Very soon, the blog will be updated with good stocks suited for this market conditions.

Wish you all the best
Hoping same support from all of you,

With thanks
Be and make


Anonymous said...

we get you after long time,
We are with you.

Anonymous said...

Nice see update from you after a long time. Wish you all the good health.

Be and Make said...

Dear all - Thanks for your nice co-operation.

with thanks
be and make

Shyam said...

Most Welcome!
Now on crease!
Start your Inning!
Best Wishes!
- Shyam

Be and Make said...

Thank u sir,
bcoz of some health problems, etc., i was not active in the stock analysis. During this period some of the stocks badly eroded the portfolio value, ofcourse finally some relief is there.
Thanks for ur support.
be and make


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