Dec 15, 2009

Go short ICSA (15-12-09): Be and Make

Go short on ICSA aiming the target (with a S/L of 178.75) of
T1: 169.80
T2: 164/- and
T3: 158.25
It is purely a technical call and one can have positional view on it. According to the risk appetite one can put the target.

With thanks
Be and make


sudhir said...

Hi B& M,

Good analytical thinking on the market. Here my question is I have 565 sakthi sugars @102. Now days this scrip is underperforming the market. Can u analyse this scrip fundamentals .I think its an undervalued scrip. Q2 Results are very good. Should I exit or hold? And plz give me any scrip that will become mulitibagger in LT. Tell me ur views on Edserve soft and Aegis logistics.. Plz don’t say ur not tracking….

Thanks in Advance.

Sudhir Raj

kalyan (Be and Make) said...

Dear sudhir – Generally I will not prefer the sugar and fertilizer stocks. Before selecting one scrip I will go through so many factors. On an average after looking 40-50 stocks I like only one stock and because of that only my stock picking looks very slow.
Hence, I strongly say that I am not the right person to give the verdict on the two stocks you mentioned.
With thanks
Be and make