Sep 17, 2012


ABM Knowledgeware Ltd., (ABM) is an IT Company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange purely concentrated their business in Maharashtra. By a rough estimate, ABM’s e-Governance Solutions altogether are delivering 4.2 Million G2C and G2B services per year. ABM, today, has developed a thorough insight in implementing and institutionalizing e-Governance in the Indian context, which is evident from the various projects implemented by ABM so far.
The e Governance industry in India has been growing due to sustained interest shown by Central and State Govt. apart from numerous PSUs, Autonomous bodies etc. Central Govts. have continued to drive further the 31 Mission Mode Projects which form the core of opportunity offered by Central and State Govts. Though there have not been large scale successes visible after MCA 21 kind of projects, many pockets of excellence have been observed in States and Govt bodies. Preference to PPP model is seen in some of the recent tenders floated by Govts. Participation of IT industry in e gov projects has been generally unchanged compared to previous years and competition landscape is also by and large unchanged. The focus areas of your Company such as Municipalities, Water Bodies, ERP, Accounting Reforms, Property tax Reforms have been offering satisfactory opportunities across states.


The stock looks it has a very promising future ahead. The company has very good business verticals and their record is also very prudent. Their debt equity ratio, ROCE, payout ratios are very encouraging and more steam left in the company’s growth trajectory. Promoters too hiking their stake at every opportunity, indicates their confidence in their business. Long term investors can buy this stock at current levels of Rs.54/-

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