Nov 13, 2015


Company background:
Arvind Infrastructure Ltd., incorporated in the year 2008, is a Small Cap company operating in Infrastructure sector.

Arvind Infrastructure Ltd. key Products/Revenue Segments include Income from Infrastructure Activity which contributed Rs 61.27 Cr to Sales Value (100.00% of Total Sales), for the year ending 31-Mar-2015.

Arvind shareholders received one share of Arvind Infrastructure for every 10 shares held.  Arvind Infra is going to enter into real estate development business with JV partners which has listed around 50+ mark.

Reliable brand with promising projects:

In the construction space Arvind infra can be described as a new entrant but it has a very good brand name ARVIND. Arvind is going to develop new projects like beyond five, uplands project etc., Company is able to meet the promises then it may get a cash/turnover of nearly 2000cr and a NP of 180-200cr in the upcoming 3-4 year period. The current market cap of the stock is around Rs.180cr only. So, if you bought the scrip at the current market price then you would likely to see huge value and will become surely a mega multibagger.
         Promoters have increased their holding to 45% from 43% in last quarter with no pledge is a good sign, LIC is holding 6% and other fund houses including FIIs holding 8% bodies of corporate 6% and remaining with public. 

Be and Make’s View:

1. Arvind infra is a promising brand in western India.

2. No need to describe more about the company as it has huge reliability.

3. Company has  very low debt.
4. Company is having a market cap of Rs.180cr only.
5. If the company is likely to meet the guidance as projected will have multi-bagger returns.

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Be and make

Disclaimer: Before investing please do your own analysis and research. I tried to summarize all the recent events with my own views they may end with negative or positive hence do your good work without fail before investing. I have collected the news or information from various sources and the sources may or may not be the authorized hence they can be proved wrong. Hence, please do your own analysis and research before going to take my views. I strongly recommend or advice to consult the financial adviser or analyst before taking the decision. It is safe to assume that I or my followers or my friends etc., have positions in this stock. I am not a certified analyst and above is not at all a stock recommendation, it is purely the articles published which are available in the online. The numbers used are available in the company website or any other leading finance sites.


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