Jan 15, 2013

News priced in, no need to press the panic button in RAMKY: Be and Make

The stock as expected fell sharply from the recent high of 130+ to 102+ means almost a 30% fall in just three trading days.

Now, it is the question to re-enter or fresh buy can be made in this counter? In my view, Yes..

The company is having huge turnover and order book when compared to them the size of this allegation is very small in magnitude.

There would be some sentiment impact, nothing to think about it.

Its business model is good, company is doing well and finally the stock already fell sharply in last one year because of this political issue.


You can go through initial buy call: http://stockstowin.blogspot.in/2012/12/ramky-infrabuyselloutperformmulti.html

You can go through recent trading call: http://stockstowin.blogspot.in/2013/01/book-partial-profits-in-ramky-infra-be.html

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Be and make


Anonymous said...

You might want to check this technical analysis program: http://www.cognitum-research.com/en/wave-explorer

Anonymous said...

I made afresh entry in Ramky Infra @115 and would like to hold it atleast for a year. How do you see boom in infra sector growth and how long one shoul dhold this stock to get most benefits?

Be and Make said...

Dear Guest - It is a sure shot multi-bagger
The first phase rally is over and the consumption based story lead the rally.
In the second phase rate sensitives will participate and in this space infra is ready to bounce back.

It is a undervalued stock, hidden gem and fell based on some negitive sentiment as it linked up with Jagan.

Its IPO price is the minimum target for this stock.

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be and make


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