Sep 3, 2009

Verayo and Bartronics Team Up to Deliver Unclonable RFID Tags to Indian Market

Verayo, a security and authentication solutions provider, today announced it has partnered with Bartronics India Limited (Bartronics), one of Indias largest bar code and RFID technology companies, to provide cost-effective RFID offerings to the Indian market. The strategic partnership not only strengthens the long-term cooperation between the two companies, but also addresses the need for differentiated solutions targeting anti-counterfeiting and low-cost authentication.

With the partnership, Verayo brings its unclonable RFID chip to India. Verayos RFID chip is based on a breakthrough silicon biometric technology called Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). PUF technology is a type of electronic DNA or fingerprinting technology for silicon chips that renders the chips unclonable. Working together, Bartronics RFID tags will incorporate Verayos unclonable RFID chip, and can be used in applications such as consumer product anti-counterfeiting, mass transit tickets, secure IDs and access cards.

When we were first introduced to Verayos PUF technology, we were very impressed by its unclonable capability and low-cost authentication features, said Sreenivas Parasa, Chief Scientific Officer at Bartronics. We selected to partner with Verayo based on its unique technology that enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and provide cost-effective, and highly secure RFID offerings based on the needs of our customers.

As the market for RFID technology expands in India, there is a need for differentiated products to elevate trust and security of RFID solutions. This partnership enables Verayo to work with a leader in the Indian RFID solutions market to provide solutions targeting security and low-cost authentication with unclonable characteristics.

We are very excited to work with Bartronics to expand our efforts in anti-counterfeiting and secure authentication for the RFID market in India, said Anant Agrawal, CEO of Verayo. This partnership truly benefits the India market with new opportunities to introduce low-cost and innovative RFID products.

Bartronics and Verayo will jointly participate at the RFID India Expo 2009 in New Delhi from September 10-12.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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monbil3 said...

Bartronics is a good company for announcements and if you look into the records of BSE and tabulate the announcements made, you will be suprised as not one annoucement made to the Exchange has contributed to the bottom or top line.....?

EX: tie up with LG for iris authentication, tie up with Time watch data with investments of 278crs, EMV something, and many pretigous orders bagged ,on ground reality there is no execution or tangiable progression then why are these annoucements .....?

the management clearly states that they believe in notional purchases and sales for showing good turnover and for finance purpose

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